We always meet with our wedding clients before their wedding day and discuss their venue and any other locations suited to their photography. 
Wherever we go we always take time to look around the area to give us an idea of where to shoot your photographs.    This means we can take full advantage of the surroundings, for example the World’s first Iron Bridge in Shropshire or the beautiful gardens at Keele Hall.

There are many beautiful venues available for your wedding in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Although we mainly work in Staffordshire we often travel outside the county to beautiful places such as Rowton Castle in Shropshire or the Brook Mollington Banastre Hotel in Chester and even as far as Brighton.
In Stoke on Trent we have The Upper House at Barlaston and The Moat House at Festival Park whose historic buildings are popular wedding venues with fabulous backdrops for your wedding photography. 

Both Hanley Registry Office and Newcastle – Under- Lyme Registry office offer nice spots for your photography and they are close to some of our beautiful local parks, especially Tunstall, Burslem and Queens Park in Longton which offer beautiful settings for your wedding photographs.

Check out our blog for more great photo’s from a variety of wedding venues.